UnlockMyTV APK 2.1.0: Download Latest Version for Android, Firestick, PC and Mac

UnlockMyTV apk is a free android application to watch movies and tv series.

The application is primarily developed for the Android operating system. 

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However, you can easily install this app on many other devices such as Firestick, PC, Mac, NvidiaShield, Roku, Chromecast, and so on.

UnlockMyTV apk is one of the most popular entertainment platforms that use many people all around the world.

What is UnlockMyTV APK?

The main reason this app has become popular is that it gives you many unique features to enhance your entertainment experience.

The app gives you High Definition (HD) video quality for most of the contents available in the app’s media library.

Unlike other streaming apps, UnlockMyTV tv App allows you to stream videos even with a low-speed internet connection.

You might already be aware of the streaming giant terrarium app that closed down sometimes ago.

So after that, many similar android apps came out with a similar concept.

However, many such applications discontinued their operation due to a lack of a proper user base.

Moreover, UnlockMyTV apk survived all of those barriers and became one of the best streaming apps to watch movies and tv shows after the terrarium app.

Also, some people introduce it as a clone of the Cinema HD App.

One of the other features of the UnlockMyTV app is its massive collection of movies, tv shows, musical shows, and many more video content.

So the users of this app always stick with the app, and they are reasonably happy about the service that they are getting free of charge.

UnlockMyTV apk has 3rd party advertisements running on it. However, you can always close them whenever they appear.

The application is 100% safe, and we have tested it with the VirusTotal website to check for any malware.

So if you have the UnlockMyTV android app on your streaming device, you no longer have to go to theater to watch your favorite movies.

Why is UnlockMyTV APK one of the Best? 

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It is true that when you have a bunch of apps to select, you ma not sure what application you should install to watch movies on your device.

So, in that case, you have to evaluate their features and select the app that matches your requirements.

Further, there are excellent alternatives also available to UnlockMyTV apk. Some of those are Live Lounge, Cartoon HD, Strix Apk, Media Lounge, and so on.

When you have UnlockMyTV apk with you, you do not have to sit in from of a television to watch movies and tv episodes.

Because you can install this app on your android mobile. So that you can watch all your favorites wherever you go.

All you need to have is a good internet connection to your android device.

As we mentioned above, this app contains ads. However, it will not kill your entertainment experience by showing ads while you are playing videos.

We all know that there are premium media streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Tubi tv, and so on, where you have to spend a lot of money on subscriptions.

But you can get a similar experience with the UnlockMyTV app because it is available to download free of charge.

However, premium networks may offer better customer service than the UnlockMyTV streaming app. But this app gives you more than what you need for absolutely free.

Application Technical Information

Application NameUnlockMyTV APK
File Size5.7 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above
Category Entertainment

Download UnlockMyTV App


How to Use UnlockMyTV APK?

How to Download and Install UnlockMyTV on Android

Step 01

Firstly, you have to go to “Settings” menu in your Android device.

android home screen

Step 02

Then find the subsection “Security“.

security options

Step 03

In that you have to enable “Apps from Unknown Sources

enabling apps from unknown sources to allow unlockmytv apk installation

Step 04

After that download the APK file from this page and install it in your Android device.

You can follow the same procedure to install UnlockMyTV on Android Smart TV and any other TV box like MI Box.

Simplified Guide to Download and Install UnlockMyTV App on PC and Mac

Step 01

Firstly, You have download and Android Emulator on your PC. for this example, we use Bluestacks

Bluestacks web page home

Step 02

Then, Download the APK file from this page.

Step 03

After that, Browse the APK file to the Emulator and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the UnlockMyTV installation.

browsing unlockmytv apk to android emulator

Step 04

Thats All. now you can find the successfully installed UnlockMyTV app on the Bluestacks applications list.

Further, you can follow the same procedure to install the UnlockMyTV on Mac.

How to download and install Unlockmytv on Firestick?

Step 01

Head over to your Firesticks home and Click on “Settings

firesticks home screen

Step 02

The go to the “Applications” Sub menu

applications sub menu

Step 03

There, you have to turn off “Collect App Usage Data

turning off collection app usage data to install unlockmytv apk on firestick

Step 04

Then, Go back to Firesticks Settings tab and locate the “Device” Sub menu

device sub menu

Step 05

After that, Find the “Developer Options” and click on it.

developer options

Step 06

In that, Turn on the “Apps from Unknown Sources

turning on Apps from unknown sources to install unlockmytv apk

Step 07

Then go to Firestick home and type the term “Downloader” on the Search bar

search bar

Step 08

You will see the Downloader app on the search results. So click on it and download it.

downloader app

Step 09

Now. open the Downloader app

open command

Step 10

Click on “Ok


Step 11

Click on “Allow

allowing sideloader to media files

Step 12

Go to the “Settings” in Downloader app and check “Enable Java Script”

enabling javascripts

Step 13

Please enter the below EXACT Url on the home search bar of your Downloader app and click on “Gohttps://bit.ly/2LOGi8W

entering unlockmytv apk download URL

Step 14

let the UnlockMyTV apk to download via Downloader Sideload app

unlockmytv apk downloading is in progress

Step 15

Click on “Install” to beging the UnloackMyTV installation process

unlockmytv apk install command

Step 16

Delete the setup files

deleting apk setup files

Step 17

Confirm it.


Step 18

Thats All! now you can find the UnlockMyTV app on Firestick applications list

Further, you can follow the same procedure above to install the UnlockMyTV on Nvidia Shield, Roku and PlayStation

How to Download UnlockMyTV APK on Apple iOS?

The application is not available in the official apple app store. therefore there is no way to get UnlockMyTV app on iOS devices.

Further, there is no any way to get it through a sideloader as well because, there is no sideloader apps that support ios.

However, if you Jailbreak your iOS device, there is a change that you can get this app.

But we do not recommend that because it will cause you loosing Apple official support for you device.

UnlockMyTV Features (Review)

UnlockMyTV apk has a well-organized media library where you can filter video content on different criteria like IMDB rating, action movies, romantic movies, etc.

Moreover, the user interface is well designed so that anyone can easily navigate the app without having any trouble.

The user base of the UnlockMyTV app increases significantly day by day. This is mainly because of the consistency of the app.

Also, the search function of the application helps you to search for any movie or tv shows that you want to watch by their title.

So it saves your time, and you will not have to drag and go all the way down to the bottom of the video contents list to find what you are looking for.

Further, you can integrate UnlockMyTV apk with Real Debrid and Trakt as well. These are some of the paid services that will help you to eliminate the video buffering issues.

The app supports for all the popular media players apps like MX Player, VLC Player and so on.

So if you have used these app before you can make you self confident.

Because, you do not have to look here and there to find features like skipping, fast forwarding, volume controlling etc. as you already know them.

Subtitles integration will allows you to watch movies in more than 200 different languages. So you will not miss any of the foreign movies because of language barriers.

Further, you can integrate this app with Media center application like Kodi, Stremio and Plex as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UnlockMyTV safe?

Yes. the application 100% safe. we have tested it with the VirusTotal technology

Is UnlockMyTV Ad free?

Yes. So far the app does not had any 3rd part y advertisements.

Is UnlockMyTV Free?

Yes. You can freely download the application from this page.

How to fix Unlockmytv not working issue?

Can i run Unlockmytv on Chromebook?

Yes. it supports for Chromebooks. So you can get it.

Is Unlockmytv legal to use?

Most of the regions in the world allows to use these kind of services. so you have to be aware about the legal conditions in your geographical location.

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