Stremio APK 4.0: Download Latest Version For Android, iOS, Firestick, PC and Mac

Stremio Apk is one of the top-rated media center applications to stream movies, tv shows, musical concerts, and many other video contents.

This application has similar features as Kodi and Plex. So, if you have ever used Kodi, you would definitely know how these kinds of applications work.

Stremio apk main image

Further, you can install Stremio Apk on many types of media streaming devices such as Firestick, Firetv, Android, PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, MI box, Smart tv, android tv and many more.

Stremio app is an all in one media distribution platform where you can simply install any of the 3rd party extensions and addon to watch free movies and tv shows.

Moreover, you can get popular streaming apps like Live Lounge, Media Lounge, UnlockMyTv apk and so on on Stremio.

What is Stremio Apk?

As we said, this apk has features that are similar to Kodi. However, it is better to protect your data privacy while using any of the applications.

So, you can do that by using a good VPN service.

Further, Other than allowing you to install your preferred addons, Stremio can also pull media contents from various sources and act as a media hub.

These kinds of platforms help you to ease your life.

Because, you do not have to install several media applications one by one, and you can have them all in a single media center.

Also, you can say goodbye to the traditional way of enjoying movies and tv shows because you do not have to go to the theatre to watch movies.

Another important thing in Stremio apk is that this application available for everyone to use it freely.

So, you will not have to pay premium subscriptions for media hubs like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max Crackle, and so on.

Also, you can have an unlimited number of movies and tv shows to watch through this app free of charge.

Application Package Information

Application NameStremio APK
File Size80 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Download Stremio App


How to Use Stremio Apk?

Stremio apk download image

How to Install Stremio Apk on Firestick?

Step 01

Firstly, you have to go to the “setting” menu in your Firestick navigational bar

firestick home screen

Step 02

Then, go to “My Fire tv” sub menu

device. my firetv option

Step 03

There you will see a option called “Developer options“. click on it.

developer options menu

Step 04

Once you click on it, you will notice another option called “Apps from Unknown Sources“. you have to turn it on.

enabling apps from unknown sources to install Stremio APK on firestick

Step 05

Now, go back to the Firestick home screen and type “Downloader” on the search bar

firestick home screen

Step 06

Now you will see the Downloader side-load application on search results and click on it.

Downloader side-load app

Step 07

Download it and then Press “open

open command

Step 08

Then click on “Allow

allow button

Step 10

Hit “Ok

ok command

Step 11

Then, you have to type this exact URL ( on the Downloader app and hit on “go

entering stremio apk download link on side-load app

Step 12

Now, you can see the Stremio Apk downloading on Firestick device

stremio apk downloading is in process

Step 13

Once the application is downloaded click on “Install

install command to install stremio apk

Step 14

After that, click on “Done

Step 15

Once installation is completed, you can delete the setup files of Stremio

delete setup files

Step 16

Confirm it

confirm command

Step 17

Now you can find the successfully installed Stremio APK on your Firestick applications list

You can follow the same step above to install Stremio on Nvidia Shield as well.

Simplified Guide to Install Stremio App on Android Devices

Goolge play store

Unlike many other streaming apps, you do not have to install the apk file to your android device from a another source.

Because you have the option to get the application directly from Google Play Store.

Once you get the app from Google play, you just have to follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

You can follow the same process to get Stremio on Roku, Android tv box, Smart tv, MI box and any other android based devices.

How to Install Stremio Apk on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Stremio app official web

Stremio app is directly downloadable to PC and Mac from their official Website.

Follow this below Download Link

Stremio App for iOS

Stremio on App store

Most of the other streaming platforms does not provide services for iOS devices.

However, you can get Stremio on your Apple iOS device directly from Apple App store and also from the official website

Why Stremio Apk Is a unique Media Center App?

Stremio app allows you to Integrate premium host providers like Real Debrid and Trakt.

With the help of those services,  you can avoid occurring video buffering while you are playing video files.

Also, those provide an extra layer of security when it comes to your data privacy in addition to using a VPN.

Stremio apk is a cross-platform media center hub so that you can install it on different types of operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and so on.

As this application allows you to install 3rd party media streaming apps on it, you can select apps that offer high definition (HD) videos and get them on Stremio.

Stremio is not only for watching movies and tv shows.

You can also watch live tv channels, sports channels, listen to podcasts, and many more.

Further, Stremio apk allows you to download any of the video contents that are stored in 3rd party applications.

Therefore, you can download and watch them later, even when you are offline.

This media center application is available for direct download through Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

Further, you can get the application file from this page as well. 

Moreover, The latest version of the app has introduced the Guest mode to use the application.

So that you will not have to register if you are using the app on guest mode.

Stremio Apk Features (Review)

Stremio allows you to integrate your favorite media players like MX player, VLC player, Exo player, and so on.

So you will not get into trouble like getting familiar with an unknown media player to play video continents.

Stremio is an application known for its simplified user interface.

Because it has a clean look, and it is smooth to navigate through different options of the app in a few seconds.

Unlike other apps, you will not feel any complications because all the options in the app are centralized to one location.

So that, even a minor person can also navigate the application like a pro.

One of the downsides of the Stremio apk is that you have to complete and registration process before you use the application.

For a quick registration, you can do that by registering through a social media platform like Facebook.

Further, you can also follow the full registration process and register for Stremio app anonymously.

Subtitles integration feature comes handy when you are watching a movie in a foreign language.

The app allows you to integrate subtitles in any language.

Video filtering option in Stremio allows you to filter out movies in various types of categories like Popular, Trending, Genre, and so on.

Stremio apk has a massive library of addons for different purposes like watching movies and tv shows, music, and so on.

So that all you need to do is select the addon that you are looking for and enable it on the Stremio media center.

Stremio app is an open-source application so that you can do all anything to the app that you would do with any other open-source application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay for stremio?

No. the Stremio application is an open-source application and it totally free to use.

How to get ultimate Stremio addons?

You can get number of Stremio addons from the Stremio repository as well as from 3rd party developers.

What are best stremio addons?

There are many top rated adoons available for Stremio. some of them are Netflix, Podcasts, Live tv, sports, trailers and so on.

Is stremio free?

Yes. Stremio is a free app

Is stremio safe?

Yes. Stremio is safe to use and you can also check it with Virus total website

How to install stremio Apk?

Installation process varies according to your type of devices such as Firestick, PC, Mac, Apple and so on.
Please follow the installation guides given on this page to install the app.

How to fix stremio not working issue?

This is a rare case. However, if you your Stremio app is not working, you have to try to update the app. If the case is still the same, you have to re-install the apk.

Why firestick remote won’t control stremio?

May be your remote controller battery life is dead. Also you can try to switch off and switch on your Device

Is stremio illegal?

Yes. there are no legal barriers to use this app

How to install stremio addons?

You have to go to the settings in your Stremio and selec addons option to install new addons

What are stremio alternative?

Kodi and Plex are considered to be best alternatives to Stremio Apk because they also offer a similar type of service.

How to update Stremio?

You will get auto update your application.

How to sign up for Stremio app?

You can sign up with your email account as well as with your social media accounts.

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