Live Lounge APK 9.0.4: Free Live Streaming App For Android, PC, Firestick and Mac

Live Lounge apk is a multipurpose IPTV app offering free movies, live TV and TV shows.

The app contains a very decent library that is full of a wide variety of options for live tv.

The FireStick Live Lounge offers you a variety of streaming options. You can access content directly and on-demand through this application.

live lounge apk main image

The app provides free live tv, free live streaming as well as Full HD broadcasts that greatly enhance your broadcasting experience.

Live Lounge Apk can be installed on many Android devices. In addition, the app has a user-friendly graphical user interface that let you navigate the app easily.

Also there are some alternative apps like Catmouse APK, UnlockMyTV APK, Media Lounge and so on that offers similar features to Live Lounge.

What is Live Lounge APK?

It is an excellent Android app for watching free live TV channels.

Besides that, Live Lounge has become a major feat in the limited capacity because it consumes only a negligible space in your device. So all you need to focus is that your time spent with this largest live TV channels running platform  ?

Thus, the application contains many extraordinary and exceptionally useful elements for customers.

In addition, to live TV channels, there is also a VOD category where you can watch the latest popular movies for free.

So you will find many features in the application that are very bright.

Latest version of Live Lounge Apk 2020 is an all-in-one IPTV streaming app for streaming movies, sports, and live TV content.

Therefore, Live lounge tv is a free solution for free live tv streaming over the Internet.

Further, No registration or signup is required to use live lounge tv.

Also, with unlimited support, the user will get the best live TV content on Firestick.

Live Lounge Apk on Fire TV can be used to stream content, even on-demand, for free.

The video quality provided by this IPTV app is absolutely fantastic and the user can choose between 720p and 1080p and it supports subtitles. As a result, the user can stream any video easily in any language.

Android Package Info

Application NameLive Lounge App
Latest version9.0.4 (April 2020)
FILE size16.9 Mb
Content Rating12+
App Installations10,102,023
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, PC & Mac

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How Does Live Lounge Works?

The Live Lounge team has made the broadcasting faster than any other related application.

So the user will also get live lounge apk update regularly. Besides that, when you are watching movies, TV shows, live shows, etc, no ads will disturb your attention.

It is very easy to install this Android Live Lounge app because an Android user can easily access the application through a simple installation.

In addition, users will also enjoy the latest free downloading service on apk without spending a dime.

Once you install the app on your Android devices, you will enjoy unlimited TV channels and live broadcasts around the world.

Moreover, you can watch any movie, such as a romance, an animation or a documentary, and search by artist name.

So you can watch as many TV shows as comedies, reality shows, contest programs, and many other TV shows. Thus, there are many channels like music, kids, entertainment and much more.

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Why is Live Lounge a Best Streaming App?

Live Lounge Apk is one of the few IPTV applications available that supports free live tv streaming with high quality live TV content.

Because of the interface is so easy to understand, users can easily search for videos that can be streamed in seconds.

Besides that, it’s not compatible with Trakt or Real Debrid and is the only disadvantage for those who seek it.

So its worth using as a Firestick’s IPTV streaming apps. Thus, live lounge tv offers many interesting features. Some of the best interesting features of the app are listed below.

Further, when you are using internet networks, it is recommended to use an good VPN like IPVanish to protect your data privacy.

Let’s have a look at these,

Live Lounge App Features

More than 1000 live channels from 17 different countries.

Most recent VOD area for frequently downloaded movies and TV shows

Stream any station or movie to the big screen using the Chromecast live channel.

You can request any new channel or your favorite channels to include in the app by asking the engineers.

It includes channels from all real countries: United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Nepal, Afghanistan, and others.

You can access 9 different video players for a superior experience: VLC Player, MX Player, Lua Player, Android Player, XMTV Player, BubbleUpnp Player, Localcast Player, and Web Video Cast Player

The application has ads but they will appear once as well as you will have option to skip the add. Therefore, you may not bother when an advertisement appeared on the screen. This often interferes with the focus and can be very annoying. Since Live Lounge apk ads can be skipped, there is no chance of such interruptions. Apparently, the application is almost ad free.

The app is absolutely free and you do not have to worry about subscription fees or payment plans.

It has a very user-friendly interface, and the controls are very easy to understand and use.

The app has an option to save the content. However, you can watch your favorite TV shows from videos section later, when you do not have an internet connection.

How to Use Live Lounge APK

Complete Guide to Install Live Lounge on PC and Mac

The application has gained it’s popularity recently because of its efficiency and ease of use.

It’s all about entertainment so you will not miss your movies, favorite events, and TV shows unless you prefer to watch them in theater.

In other words It is a highly recommended application with many unique and interesting features. Thus, you can install it on your computer using Blustacks application.

Here is a step by step guide for you to install live lounge apk,

Step 1:

Download BlueStack and Live lounge app 

blustacks home page

Step 2:

Open the downloaded Bluestack.exe file from your computer.

opening the downloaded program

Step 3:

For now, you will see the setup wizard to introduce Bluestack to your computer. so click on “Install now” to install the program. 

install command screen of the bluestacks in pc

Step 4:

Follow the on-screen guide and complete the setup. (When Bluestack is used for the first time, stacking may take longer.) 

downloading screen of the program

Step 5:

Click on “I’ll do it later” to continue to the Bluestacks home screen

google play signing in screen to bluestacks

Step 6:

Once the program is installed Find out and click on the “Install APK” option in the left side upper corner. 

browsing option in the bluestacks to download the live lounge apk to the program

Step 7:

Now browse the Live lounge app file you downloaded from “liveloungeapk.VIP” 

selecting the downloaded live lounge apk file through bluestacks

Step 8:

Now, you will see the live lounge app on your Bluestack home screen application list. 

Successfully installed live lounge apk on the blustacks app list

Step 9:

Double click on it to open the app

live lounge apk initiating screen (loading)

Step 10:

Click on “Allow” 

command screen to allow live lounge apk to access your multimedia library

Step 11:

Here is your Live lounge home screen, Enjoy! 

Main content menu of the live lounge apk

4 Step Guide to Install Live Lounge APK on Android Devices

Step 1:

Go to the Settings menu of your Android device.

home screen of an android mobile

Step 2:

Tap on “Security” option

settings menu of android os

Step 3:

Allow installation of application from “Unknown sources” 

unknown sources option

Step 4:

Now you can simply Download the live lounge app on your android device and install 

direct installing live lounge apk after enabling unknown sources in android settings

Ultimate Guide to Install Live Lounge Application on FireStick

This android package is not available officially on Amazon Store.

Moreover, you have to get it and install with Downloader application.

The installation of apk on the Firestick via downloader application is quite easy and can be completed in few simple steps.

Follow the steps below to install live lounge apk on Firestick 

Step 1:

Go to your Firestick home screen and click on “settings”

amazon firestick home screen

Step 2:

Ciick on “Applications”  

settings menu of the firestick

Step 3:

Find out “Collect App Usage Data” and click on it

collect app usage data option in the firestick settings menu

Step 4:

“Turn off” it

collect app usage data enabling or disabling option

Step 5:

Go back to your settings menu and click on “Device”

device option in settings menu

Step 6:

Find “Developer options” under device menu 

developer sub option under device menu

Step 7:

“Turn on” Apps from unknown sources

enabling option of the apps from unknown sources to allows live lounge apk installation

Step 8:

Go back to your firestick home screen and search “Downloader”

search bar of the firestick

Step 9:

Click on the “Downloader app” as shown below

downloader application searched on firestick

Step 10:

Tap on “Download”

download command for downloader application

Step 11:

Then wait for the downloading process

application downloading is in progress

Step 12:

Click on “Open”

open command for the downloader application

Step 13:

Click “Ok”

application change log update notification screen

Step 14:

“Allow” downloader to access your media files

allow downloader to access photos, media and files on the device

Step 15:

Go to settings and “check (enable)” Javascript

java script enabling in downloader

Step 16:

Go to the home screen of Downloader and enter the below exact “URL”  and on click on “Go””

entering the live lounge apk download URL on the downloader bar

Step 17:

Let the live lounge to download via downloader

live lounge apk is downloading through downloader

Step 18:

Click “Install”

insatallation command for live lounge apk on firestick

Step 19:

Click on “Done” 

final step to finish the live lounge apk installation

Step 20:

Click on “Delete” (It will save you device capacity)

deleting command to delete the setup files after installation

Step 21:

Click again on “Delete” to confirm it

delete confirmation command screen

Step 22:

Here you go! Enjoy this amazing streaming experience

successfully installed live lounge apk on amazon firestick

Benefits of Using a Live Lounge APK

Live Lounge is an excellent live TV app. Once you have downloaded its apk, it is very easy to install so this free live tv app gives you free access to many videos from all around the world.

If you want to use it on your computer, you can also use Android emulators by following the step by step guide above.

Besides that, it uses Exoplayer by default or the user can use any other player, including MX Player, to stream the video content to Firestick.

Thus, there are a number of benefits of using a Live Lounge apk. Some of the main benefits are listed below,

Benefits in Detail

The Live Lounge Apk database is constantly updated, so the users can enjoy free live streaming and on-demand content.

Further, this android package supports channels from different countries like Unite States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan and etc, so that users can stream them from the World IPTV section.

It includes all kinds of categories: sports, entertainment, news, cinema, documentaries, music, cooking, religious and kids. Read moreFree live sports channels

You can use a PIN code or password to protect the adult content.

The application contains many channels. In addition,  you can request additional channels and they are updated periodically.

It has an easy-to-use interface, which allows to stream content easily by clicking on one of six categories, such as movies, TV shows, IPTV Sports TV, and many more. Moreover, you can talk to the designers using chat support if there is a problem with the channel.

It’s very easy to use. Nobody wants a mobile application that is very difficult to use. Instead, it allows you to stream any program easily, in 720p or 1080p. So Live Lounge is becoming one of those high-end apps. 

It is compatible with many devices so you can watch all streaming as a Android user. In addition, it is also possible to run the application on the computer.

The application has many settings to cutomise the options, so you can create a category tab, hide categories and country, and you can set the default quality settings and so on.

After All, Why Live Lounge Stands Out from Other Apps?

Live Lounge is one of the most popular live TV apps in the world.

Besides that, it supports almost all the types of video formats so you will not miss your favorite movies, TV shows, events and it offers great features, easy to use, easy to control and so much more.

With Live Lounge TV, you can stream thousands of HD movies, different TV channels, live HD sports and more easily.

It is not always easy to provide all the options in an Android application. But Live Lounge apk offers all these features.

So, if you are looking for a perfect live tv app, feel free to install the Live Lounge apk on your smartphone.