Syncler APK Download Latest Version For Android, Firestick, PC and Mac

Syncler APK is the newest member of the streaming application family.

Further, this app is considered to be a clone of the all-time popular TVZion app.

Therefore, you have the option to get Syncler App on various types of streaming media devices such as Android, PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield, and Firestick/ Fire TV.

Syncler apk main image

Syncler APK is a newly introduced streaming app to watch movies and tv shows for free.

The application is getting its popularity day by day.

Some of the Similar Apps to Syncler would be Rokkr, Media Lounge, Watched App, HD Movie Box, Nova TV App, Paramount Plus and Strix apk which offer a similar service.

What is Syncler APK?

Because, it offers almost all the features of any of the well-established streaming apps.

The most important feature of this app is that it offers almost all the video content, including movies, tv shows, live tv channels, and so on for free of charge.

Therefore, you do not have to stick with paid premium services to watch movies and tv shows.

Also, these kinds of streaming apps make your life easier as it gives you the ability to get it on many types of media streaming devices.

Syncler Apk has an active developer panel where they take regular measures to fix issues and bugs as and when they arise.

The application offers a major part of its video contents in Full HD quality (High Definition)

Therefore, you will be able to get the best video streaming experience by using Syncler APK.

Further, the application interface is designed in a way that maximizes the user experience.

As a result, you will be able to find all the options in a centralized panel.

So it makes navigation through the app faster and better operating experience.

Syncler is a cross-platform application. Therefore, you will be able to get it on operating devices like Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

In addition to that, this app comes with almost all the popular android media players such as MX player, VLC player, and so on inbuilt to the app.

Application Package Information

Application NameSyncler APK
File Size26.6 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above
Category Entertainment

Download Syncler APP


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How to Use Syncler Apk?

Syncler apk download image

You just have to download and install the apk file on your media streaming device and then use the app.

However, downloading and installation method varies depending on your media streaming device. Therefore please follow the below instructions to get Syncler streaming app.

How to Download and Install Syncler APK on Android devices?


Firstly, you have to go to the “Settings” on your android device

android home screen


Then, Find the “Securities” tab and click on it.

securities options


After that, Enable the “Apps From Unknown Sources”

enabling unknown sources apps to install syncler apk


Then you can simply download the Syncler apk file from this page and install it on your android device.

You can follow the same process above to get the Syncler app on Android tv, MI Box, Android tv box, Smart tv, Chromecast, and so on.

How to get Syncler App for Firestick Devices?


Head over to the “Settings” tab on your Firestick home screen.

firestick home screen


Then click on “MY Fire tv/ Device” option

my firetv sub option


There, you have to find an option called “Developer Options”

developer options


After that, you have to Turn on “Apps From Unknown Sources”

enabling apps from unknown sources to get syncler apk on firestick


Then go back to the Firestick home screen and search “Downloader”

search bar


Now, you will see the downloader side-load app on the search results.


So, click on the search result and install it on your firestick device.

downloader sideload app icon


After that click on “Open” to launch the side-load app

open command


Click “ok”



Then click on “Allow”



After that, enter the below exact URL to download the Syncler app on the Firestick device.


Click on “Install”

install command to install syncler apk on firestick


Once the Syncler installation is done, delete the setup files

delete setup files


Click on “Delete” again to confirm it



Thats all, now you can find the successfully installed Syncler app on your Firestick apps list, Enjoy!

You can follow the same method, to install the Syncler APK on Nvidia Shield device as well

Syncler APK for PC and Mac


Firstly, you have to download an Android emulator on your PC like Bluestacks.

bluestacks home screen


Then, Download the Syncler APK file from this page and browse it to the android emulator

browsing syncler apk to android emulator


Thats all, now you can find the Syncler streaming app on your Bluestacks apps list

Syncler App for ios

Syncler app is not available on the Apple app store, therefore you will not be able to get it on your ios devices like iPhone or Ipad.

However, it could be possible to get this app if you have jailbreak your ios device. however, it is not recommended as it leads to few other consequences.

Unlike many other streaming apps that are out there online, Syncler apk offers you the option to download any of the video content that is available in the application media library.

Therefore, you can watch your favorite movies, and tv shows offline once you download them to your media streaming device.

If you are a streaming app user, you should have experience video buffering issues when you are watching movies and tv shows.

There are some tweaks that you can avoid the video buffering issue up to some extent.

However, to watch a movie or tv series without any disturbance from video buffering, it is always recommended to download the movies and tv shows to your device and then watch them offline.

One of the exciting features of Syncler apk is that it gives you the option to integrate the application with Real Debrid.

Real Debrid is a service where it provides premium links from different sources to your streaming app.

Further, it helps to avoid video buffering issues as it uses a higher number of server capacities.

So you can get it at a very low price like five dollars for a month.

Moreover, the video library of Syncler app contains a massive amount of movies, tv shows, tv programs, musical concerts, and many more.

So you will never be running out of video content to watch.

Syncler Features (Review)

Syncler apk is a high technological app that offers movies and tv shows for free.

Different video qualities are one of the prime advantages of this app as it offers video content in 360p, 720p, and 1080p

The application allows you to move between different video qualities according to your requirement.

For example, if you are experiencing video buffering, it will help you to avoid those issues up to some extent if you move to a lower level of video quality such as 360p.

Further, if you are running out of your internet data package, then also you can move to a lower video quality lave to save your data consumption.

Syncler apk features different video filtering features where you can find the movie or tv series category in a few seconds without having to spend much time.

Also, if you know the name of the movie or tv series that you want to watch, you can right away type the name on the search bar of the app and find it.

There could be minor bugs and issues when you use this app; it is a new platform.

Therefore, developers have given an option to users to report such issues to the developers directly.

So that they will take immediate actions to fix them, an updated version will include such fixes.

Further, the developers of the Syncler apk have given more weight to the safety aspects of the app.

Therefore, you can completely trust this app as it is 100% clean and safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Syncler safe?

Yes, the application is 100% clean and safe to download and use

Is Syncler APK Ad free?

Currently, the app is advertisements-free. however, in the future, it may have ads

Is Syncler App Free?

Yes, Syncler app is available for free of charge. However, there is a paid version for ad-free content as well

How to fix Syncler Apk not working issue?

You will have to update the to its latest version. If not try to re-install it.

Is Syncler legal to use?

These kinds of services are allowed in many regions worldwide. however, there may be cases where it does not.

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