Peacock TV APP: Download Latest Version for Firestick, Android, iOS and Others

Peacock TV App is one of the newly introduced premium streaming services that have streaming options such as movies, tv shows, and live tv channels.

Further, this NBC streaming services app can be installed on various types of media streaming devices.

Peacock TV App main image

For example, you can get it on devices such as Firestick/Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, SSmart tv, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Roku, PS4, Vizio Smartcast, Xfinity Flex 4k, Pc and Mac.

Peacock tv Apk is one of the trending streaming apps with a wide range of users from all around the world.

If you are looking for totally free streaming apps, Media Lounge and Strix Apk might work for you.

What Is Peacock TV App?

These types of services have changed people’s entertainment life significantly.

Because this Peacock NBC streaming service lets you create a theatre in your own house so that you can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows at your home.

Further, you do not have to cancel your traveling plans to watch your favorite tv episodes because you can get these streaming apps installed on your mobile and watch them on the way.

Peacock TV App is one of the best alternative streaming platforms for Discovery Plus App, Netflix, HBO Max App, and Hulu because it has many more features than those services.

Also, this steaming platform is a product of the world-famous NBCUniversal group. So that application has gained a huge amount of trust in a few months.

Peacock tv apk is a cross-platform application. Therefore, you can install it on different operating systems such as Android, Ios, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and so on.

When you get the standard (FREE) plan of Peacock tv, you will be allowed to use your account on three devices simultaneously.

Further, it offers two more pro packages known as Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus.

If you are willing to go for pro packages, you will have to subscribe to it.

However, they offer a free trial period for both the premium packages.

Peacock tv App offers all the movies and tv shows at the same time when they are officially released so that there is no time buffer when it comes to the latest video contents.

So, all you need to have to get this amazing entertainment experience is A media streaming device and a stable internet connection.

Peacock TV Application Package Information

Application NamePeacock TV App
File Size9.3 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Download Peacock TV App


How to Register for Peacock TV?

The first thing you have to do before using this NBC streaming service is to register for an accout.

You can also download this app from AppLinked, FileSynced and Unlinked as well in many stores.

Step 01

Sign up for an account in the Peacock tv Official Site

Step 02

Thereafter, click on the “Start Watching Now

peacock tv home screen

Step 03

Them you will be taken to another page to provide your information. So fill that out

peacock tv sign up

Step 04

Thats it. once you complete the details filling, you can stream video contents on Peacock tv

welcome screen

How to Use Peacock TV?

peacock tv app download image

How to Download and Install Peacock TV App on Firestick/ Fire TV?

Peacock tv is still unavailable on Official Amazon App Store. Therefore you have to sideload the app in order to use in on Amazon Firestick Devices.

Step 01

Go to your Firestick device Home screen and click on “Settings”

firestick home screen

Step 02

There, find the sub option called My Fire TV/ Device

device/ My fire tv option

Step 03

Click on “Developer options”

developer options

Step 04

After that, please enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources”

enabling apps from unknown sources to install peacock tv app

Step 05

Now, go back to home screen and search “Downloader”

search bar

Step 06

The click on the Download app icon to download the app

side-load app

Step 07

So once it is download, click on “Open”

open command

Step 08

Then, click on “Ok”


Step 09

Click on “Allow”

allow command

Step 10

Enter the below exact URL on the home screen of your Side-load app and click on “Go”

entering the peacock tv app download URL

Step 11

Wait till the Peacock tv app to download on your Firestick device

peacock tv app downloading in progress- for Firestick

Step 12

Then, click on “Install”

install command

Step 13

Delete setup files

delete setup files

Step 14

Confirm that


Step 15

Thats all. Now you can see the successfully installed Peacock tv app on your Firestick apps list

How to Install Peacock TV Apk on Android Devices?

peacock tv Apk on Google Play Store

Peacock tv APk is available on official Google PlayStore.

So that you can directly download from Play store and install it on your device following the on screen instructions

How to Install Peacock TV App on iPhone?

peacock tv app on Apple App Store

Same as Play Store you can directly get the Peacock tv App on your Apple iPhone or any other Apple device from App Store

Why is Peacock tv one of the best streaming services?

Peacock tv Apk offers excellent customer service for the users of its application.

So that, you can reach out to their support team for any clarifications/ Issues regarding the platform.

When it was first launched, they had initially included 20000+ hours of video content to their media library, including movies, tv shows, news, sports, and so on.

One of the great things in the Peacock tv app is that it offers 1/3 of the video contents of the media library for free.

So that you only have to create an account with an email address and sign up for the service.

However, the free standard package features advertisements on it.

Further, when they are removing particular types of video content from the platform, they will not just suddenly delete them.

They will show a countdown on that particular content so that users will know when a specific video content will go out from the platform.

Peacock tv app offers many of its video contents in Full HD format.

So, that you will have the same feeling as you are watching a movie in a movie theatre.

Further, it features Dolby Atmos sound technology for many of the contents to enhance the user’s entertainment experience.

Peacock TV Apk Features (Review)

Peacock Apk offers the option to switch between different video quality ranges so that users can select the rangers such as 1080p, 720p, and 360p accordingly.

Further, you can download any of the video contents that are available in the media library to your device.

So that, you can watch them later even when you are offline.

Also, one of the crucial features of the Peacock tv app is that you can assign a parental control PIN code to lock certain types of contents as you prefer.

Further, this streaming platform has a high-end user interface. So that users have the ability to navigate through the app without any complication.

More importantly, Peacock tv Apk supports subtitles in any language.

Therefore, you can watch foreign-language movies as well.

One of the disadvantages in the free package of the platform is that it does not offer the tv episode as they are officially released for free users, and they offer them only the next day after the launch.

The app has lots of filtering options so that users can find the type of videos that they are looking for in a few seconds.

As you already know, Peacock tv App is a product of NBCUniversal.

Therefore, this NBC streaming service has all the NBC related video contents and other connected videos such as Dreamworks Animation, Focus Features, Universal Pictures, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Peacock tv?

You can buy the premium version stating from 4.99$ a month

How to watch free tv on Peacock tv?

you just have to sign up for an account an head over to tv channels section

Is Peacock tv is NBC Universal platform?

Yes. the platform is owned by NBC Universal

Is peacock tv channells free?

It offers many tv channels for free

Can i get Peacock tv on Roku?

Yes. you can side-load it to Roku

How to watch tv shows free on Peacock tv?

You jut have to navigate to tv shows section from the home screen

What are the Peacock tv stock contents?

It has Movies, tv shows, live tv channels, sports and so on.

How to request tv channels from Peacock tv?

You can contact customer service to request contents

Is Peacock tv available for Canada?

Yes. Its isavailable