IPhone 11 Pro: What is so Special about This IPhone Model and How to Protect it

The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the latest products that have been launched by apple and is available in the market. This amazing iPhone model has a stylish look; it is simple and has a huge range of exciting and useful features. You no longer have to carry your phone and an iPod or a separate mp3 player with you. IPhone 11 Pro is a complete gadget that has features of both a mobile phone and an iPod. Though you would find these features in other smart phones too but using and enjoying such features in a gadget like iPhone 11 Pro is truly a great experience.

Certain features of iPhone 11 Pro that makes it so desirable are as follows:

1. IOS 13

The operating system of iPhone 11 Pro is really good. It allows multitasking and you can really make your life easy with such an amazing operating system in such a superb phone.

2. Camera

IPhone 11 Pro has camera that would surely satisfy your requirements! It has three 12 megapixels camera with an LED flash and zooms and has the capability to record 1080p in High Definition! Apple further claims to have used a lens that picks up light better. The resulting photos look quite good. Though there is a problem while capturing movements, it can easily be overlooked when you take into consideration, the clearer and colorful images. A secondary camera has also been installed at the front of the device to make the “face time” video calls possible. The screen of the iPhone 11 Pro, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 is also the perfect one to show off the HD video at 60 frames second.

3. The hardware within:

IPhone 11 Pro has a hugely improved battery time from its earlier versions. It is also a bit faster than the previous version.

4. The hardware outside:

The design of the new iPhone is slick and catchy. It’s entirely made out of glass, but a metal band surrounds the whole device. This new iPhone, according to Apple is stronger than its previous versions.

5. Retina Display:

The display of the new iPhone 11 Pro is superb. It is something the owners can be proud of and the others jealous! While speaking about it Apple said it to be, “as sharp as printed paper”. The display can easily be called the most amazing feature of the iPhone 11 Pro.

6. Music on iPhone 11 Pro:

Apple has incorporated the iPhone 11 Pro with the facilities available in the iPod touch. Though you didn’t have to carry an mp3 player and a mobile phone together for quite some time now, yet no other modern phone can make music as pleasurable as the iPhone 11 Pro. All types of album cover art can be perfectly displayed on the crisp display of the new iPhone 11 Pro. Tracks can be selected based on various choices like artist, album, most played, so on and so forth. You can further make your own playlist in the phone rather than transferring it from iTunes. Besides, several formats of music are supported by the iPhone 11 pro, like, MP3, Apple Lossless and obviously MP3.

Having such an amazing phone truly gives a proud feel. It is something every mobile phone user wants to have in his or her hands. People who are having or planning to have an iPhone 11 Pro are suggested to get their phone insured for better and free usage. Protect your bubble takes all your worries regarding your new phone by getting it insured. It is always a wise idea to search on net and get your gadget insured rather than looking for a reliable insurance quote here and there wasting your time and money.