Free Sms: The Best Way To Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones

The way of communication between each other keeps on changing. Earlier we had to rely on letters, fax, and telephone. But with the boom in technology things have changed a lot. Now we need speedy means of communication. We prefer emails, instant messenger as a mode of communication. Due to the massive use of mobiles phones both in developed countries and developing countries, SMS has become a speedy and handy way of communication. The craze of sending SMS is more among the youths.

SMS stands for short messaging service. In this technology we are able to send and receive text messages via mobile or cellular phones. There are two ways of communication in the mobile technology. One is the GSM that stands for Global System for Mobile Communication and the other is CDMA that stands for Code Division Multiple Access. Generally GSM technology allows user to send SMS of 160 characters per SMS whereas CDMA allows greater message size. SMS supports character, alphanumeric characters and even binary.

If we go into the technical details of SMS, then the SMS is not directly send from the sender to the recipient. The messages go via a message centre. There is limited time to download or receive your messages. Suppose if your phone is switched off and someone have sent you a SMS then the SMS is generally stored in the message centre. When you switch on the phone the message gets delivered to your phone.

Sending SMS is not a free service. Your telecom operator charges you for the SMS you send. Though for massive SMS users there are monthly packs that enable you to send SMS under a limited cost. But some of the websites offer free SMS. In such websites you only need to register your mobile number and you are set to send free SMS. There are also some websites where you don’t even need to register to send free SMS, simply type your message and the mobile number to which you want to send the message and you are done.

There are some websites that don’t allow you to send free SMS to international recipients. They are only limited to the country where you reside. Some of the good website that allows you to send free SMS is for India, for UAE and Middle East and for US. So enjoy the free SMS service of these websites and keep in touch with your loved ones.