How to use Snapchat Filters Complete Guide

Snapchat is a great innovation in social media that allows you to share photos, text messages and videos instantly and the shared media in the chat exists only for the duration till it is seen once.

Snapchat provide you with image filters and one should know that how to use snapchat filters

Snapchat provides you with excellent features to edit your pictures like:

  • Lenses
  • Face swap
  • Filters
  • Geofilters and many more

Instagram keeps adding interesting features to the app very often. To make use of all the features adequately, users must keep their app always updated.

Alike Instagram , snapchat also serves best in making available with filters. Now the question arises how to add filters to your pictures??  Here in this article we will share how to use snapchat filters

Steps to Use Snapchat Filters:

The below write up provides you with complete guidance to make you use the Snapchat Filter in a right way.

  • The filters in snapchat are not initiated by default, to access the filters you need to switch on the filters in snapchat.
  • Click a picture and swipe it sideways i.e either left or right. Immediately a message will flash on your screen that says “ TURN ON FILTERS”.
  • Now, click on “I WANT FILTERS” button that is indicated at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once you click on the button it will direct you to the ‘Additional Services’ which is the part of the settings menu list.
  • A drop down indicates the option ‘Filter Box’ . Click the checkbox of the desired option.
  • To use the Snapchat filter effectively you will have to turn on the ‘location’ in your phone settings. If location is not turned on all the filters will not work properly.

After the latest update made to Snapchat in December 2019, the fresh and newest feature added to the Snapchat’s Geofilters.

What are SnapChat Geofilters?

Snapchat Geofilters are the unique and specially designed filters that can be used and accessed on specific and certain locations like if you use any vpn in Canada, you will find the Canada’s filter.

This is the new way of sharing with your friends and acquaintances about your whereabouts and activities. It offers different geofilters for different locations and it is not necessary that you have a geofilter for all the places you visit.

When Snapchat Geofilters were initially introduced the filters were designed and featured by the company. But the latest updation in the app allows the user to add the geofilters for different locations. It will enhance the number of geofilters for number of locations.

Though all the Geofilters sent by the users are not readily accepted but definitely the best ones are selected and then featured in the app later.

This feature allows the user to personalise the snapchat and add certain filters of their favourite places of visit or their hometown and give them a way to collect memories.

How to Create your own Geo-filter and submit it:

  • You can design your own Snapchat Geofilter using any of the graphic designing software like photoshop or illustrator etc…
  • For designing the geofilter you should keep the resolution of the image as 1080 pixels as its width and the height should be 1920 pixels.
  • The extension of the designed filter should be set as .PNG file.
  • The designed filter should be web optimised and surely transparent.
  • Now if you are finished with the designing process, the next step is to upload the file on the Snapchat app. For uploading you need to select ‘Create Now’ on snapchat geofilter. It will indicate certain guidelines. Read the guidelines and if the filter fits perfectly to those guidelines click on next.
  • Since geofilter is dependent on the location, you need to add the location to your created geofilter . The location can be anything varying from multiplexes, shopping malls or any other thing based on the content of your geofilter.
  • Now mark the point on the map of the particular location and outline it in any desired shape.
  • Once you finish up with marking the area, you have finished with all the necessary steps required to upload your design’s filter. Click on ‘Upload The Image’ button and then click on submit.
  • The successful submission will soon show your geofilter in Snapchat Geofilter Gallery. And anyone can use the filter.

This is the unique feature that is available only in snapchat and no other social media portal serves you with the option to create your location based geofilter.

This is has become very popular and cool app in youngsters having a 4.5 star rating in google play store having over 10 million users . The app has firmed its grounds in short span of time.