How to Make a Personalized QR Code with An Embedded Image Using Esponce

Finally, the QR codes have started to be seen around different places but as a matter of fact, we all know about these since a long time. Isn’t it? Now, if you are the one who wants to be at the front of every queue and keep triumphing at regular people with your mobile skill.

Well, why don’t you begin the addition of images on to your QR codes? You may be getting confused but there is no need to worry about as Esponce, a company has started the business of selling QR code tracking and marketing as well.

However, thanks to the company that some of the services are available freely and you can utilize it to add spicy hotness to your QR codes. Esponce has granted a web tool which bases on a theory that some of the lines in a QR code do not really contain the information needed to decode it.

In the centre, several areas are found to which you can cover up and for sure this is not affecting the functionality of the code. Now, what you need to do is, go to the Esponce site and fill in your link there. Therein, pick an image size and then tick the box at the bottom which is labeled as “Add Logo Image.”

In the first attempt, you will be provided with the raw QR code and hence you need to go forward and select the image you want to utilize. It is recommended of a picture of square format and keep in mind that the wider pictures are more likely to block the important parts of the code.

A scale slider is provided with which you will be able to change the size of the picture and you can move it with the arrow buttons. An indicator situated above the code will indicate you whether you are covering anything important or not when you tweak and nudge your image around.

Well, its unworthy because interface which is used for configuring your super-cool logo is based on Silverlight and hence it is not going to work on every mobile device.

You can chose and select your own choice of various blending modes for your image but the default one seems to be the best. The Logo image looks a little blurry because of the Silverlight frame but would look nice when exported. It’s common that a black and white image blends better but you can also use anything of your choice.