Android Apps to Manage Your Daily Routine

Sometimes, you just need to use your android watch as something fun as well as helpful.

Actually, you can do it as long as you have best apps for android device. You don’t need to get confuse because there are several best apps for android that you should try.

Hopefully after trying them, you can see how your smart watch works for you in funny way.

Vibrations for Android Wear

The first cool app which also considered as one of the awesome android application is vibration for android . Just like the name of the app, it works by vibrating the android watch.

It is not only an ordinary vibrator app but it gives a sign for your need. For example, you are doing exercise and you are waiting for a message from your WhatsApp.

Then this app helps you to give a sign through vibration.

It works for any kind of message apps. This app will be good if you are in crowded and impossible to hear sound situation. This app is developed by Bilbo Soft and you have to buy this app for about $0.99.


It is a strange name, isn’t it? But just check the cool functions. IFTT is the abbreviation of “IF This Then That”. Just like the name of the app it means that there will be a cause first so the app can do the order.

For example, if the time shows 9am, so the smart watch has to send an email. You can also do any kind of order and it really makes your job easy and faster.

Not like Vibration app above, you can just take this app for free. The developer of this app really know that the users need to do their activities faster especially if they are busy and in a hectic day.

There is also one of the popular Entertainment app known as Cyberflix TV, you can check that out too.


Do you like soccer and don’t want to miss the match of your favorite team?

You don’t need to worry. What you have to do is that download an app known as SofaSocre.

The main function is to alert you if there is your favorite soccer match.

It is not only an ordinary alarm but it shows the logo of your favorite soccer team as well as the opponent.

It shows the time and the date of the match so you don’t need to worry about missing your favorite matches.

You can also see the score games in real time. The good news is that it is not only for soccer but also for around 17 different sports. Definitely, as a sport lover you can install this app to get many more from it.