AirDroid App – Connect your Android device to your PC for Browsing

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Android devices are of high demand as they are very much efficient in many fields and facilitate the user widely with its advanced features. Most people around the globe prefer to use Android device for various activities and to perform various tasks. Some use it as a laptop or a desktop as these devices facilitate with same experience which a user would experience on a desktop or a laptop. Many people use their Android devices 24×7 and take it as their best friend. But, the only demerit we find in an Android device is its screen size which is not that big or large as of a laptop or a desktop monitor.

It would have of course been awesome and fantastic if we had the complete laptop experience on our Android handsets. Isn’t it? Well, you don’t need to worry as this is possible with an application which is specifically designed for Android users.

This particular Application is called the AirDroid. This app is a very useful and extra ordinary app that enables you to access to the web through your Android device but enabling you to browse through a browser on your desktop. This app makes use of WiFi network which should available at your place I mean, home, residence, etc. This connects wirelessly thus not requiring too much of wire based stuffs.

In order to utilize this app you need to keep some necessities in your mind. You need to connect your Android device to the same WiFI network in which you’re desktop or laptop is connected. Its functioning is simple and the operations you need to perform are as easy as you can even imagine. Next, you need to enter the provided address into the browser on your computer and you then you need to sign in using the provided password as you do for other sign in processes. After you are done with these steps, your Android device is connected and you will come across a user friendly home screen.

This home screen will display with some icons which will be placed to the left of the total display screen. You will find your comfort now in your browser and you will be able to browse in the large computer display or the monitor. This will provide you with a PC like experience and enhance your utility to the peak. This app was tested and is recognized with good results and thus makes browsing and surfing easier for Android device users. The advantage of this app is that it is easy to install, set up, and is user friendly.


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