Top 3 Creative Android and iPhone Apps

If you are a creative person that wants to get the most out of your smart phone, you’ll enjoy these top creative Android apps. There are tons of apps which allow you to indulge your creative side on android, but the following apps stand out from the crowd due to their ease of use, fun-factor and usefulness.

Paper Camera:

There are lots of apps out there which allow android users to apply filters to their photos, but paper camera is a bit different to apps like Instagram. Instead of applying filters after you take a photo, paper camera displays cool effects in real time as you use your camera. It’s a lot of fun and it offers some really nice effects such as cartoon and sketch. This app is a toy for creative adults who want to have a bit of fun with their smart phone. 

Adobe Ideas:

This was one of Adobe’s original touch apps, and it’s an absolutely brilliant app for creative professionals that have light-buld moments on the go.  The next time you get a good idea on the train you can use the sketching and vector drawing app to quickly capture your idea; then you can export your creation later as a PDF so you can open it in illustrator to improve it, or you can export it as a raster file so you can use Photoshop to do further work on it. 


Kuler is an awesome tool for any professional artist or designer. It doesn’t matter what you are working on; this app will help you to create excellent colour schemes. If you need colour inspiration, you will be able to find it with this app; you can  view hundreds of thousands of  colour themes from the Kuler community. You can also create your own complimentary 5-color themes by using the colour wheel and different color rules, so regardless of where you are you can create interesting colour schemes.   

Top 3 iPhone Creative Apps

Here are 3 awesome creative iPhone apps that every Iphone owner, designer, artist or creative person should have!


Named app of the year by apple in 2011, Instagram is an awesome, free photo-editing app. You can easily transform photos from your phone photo album with the awesome app. Users can quickly edit and apply excellent-quality filters to transform their photos, and it’s easy to share your creations on social media such as Facebook and Twitter with this app. Instagram allows you to change seemingly dull photos into works of art, and who wouldn’t want that? So if you want to unleash your creative potential download this app now!

Animation Creator Lite:

This creative app is so much fun. You can draw pictures on your iphone and then animate them easily with this brilliant app. The layering feature in this app is really cool as it makes animating easy by helping you to line up various drawings together. You can use this app for free, or you can pay 99 cent to be allowed to share your wonderful creations!

What The Font:

Graphic designers and web-designers alike will love this creative app. This ingenious app lets users take photos of typography or fonts they see and like- the app will then identify the font! How awesome is that? Next time you see a font you like the look of, be it on a billboard or in a magazine, have this little app ready to find out the name of the font!

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