Social Media Marketing strategies that really Work

The prominence of social media is ever growing in building relationships and the potential to promote business has been realized by both small and large business units. In this scenario, it is very important to figure out the right kind of social media strategy and it should be implemented in an effective manner. It is very much important to figure out the strategies that work for your organization and the most efficient strategy should be implemented. It is a great challenge to find the right kind of strategy.  The social marketing landscape has a wide angle view.

Customer Engagement


By implementing a social media strategy that will engage customers in an efficient way, it is possible to acquire new customers and the existing customers can be retained. Cost factor will not have any role in these lines. The successful strategy will increase the traffic on the website. The sales revenue will increase. There will be improvement in the engagement of customers. Content reach will increase and quality of leads created will be improved. The website’s search engine rankings will improve. The overall effect will be the increase in the customer support facilities and the cost of customer support will come down.

Social Buttons

social icons

Social buttons should be placed on web pages at various prominent locations so that it is possible to attract new as well as existing customers. The visitors should be facilitated to connect with you through various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If the number of impressions on social networking sites is more there will be more number of likes. In every kind of marketing communication, social buttons should be placed prominently so that the promotion will happen in an effortless manner. A blog is a good source to embed social button so that the article can be shared directly on social networking sites. The customers should be able to share your information in multiple ways.

Quality and Consistent Content

By posting quality content on social media on a consistent basis, it is possible to improve the traffic on the website. New content should be updated so that the majority of the audience will enjoy the content and there will not be any disappointment. At least once in a day, the content should be updated on Facebook and it should be anywhere between 4 and 6 on Twitter. In this process, you can take the help of automated tools as well.

Appropriate Images

While promoting business through social media, attractive and appropriate images should be used. By including photos, it is possible to increase the ‘like’ rate by 50%. At the end of the content, an image should be presented and the image should lead to content to explore further information. The click through rate will increase in a great way when images are embedded within the text. As images capture the eyes and message can be carried out in an effortless manner, you should take effort to include quality images.

Social Reviews

social reviews

There should be a proper platform to promote business through social reviews. The word of mouth is a great publicity stunt and it was proven throughout the world. It is the most powerful and most cost-effective solution. Hence, the blogs and social sites should have room to include reviews presented to customers and experts. When customers share their real stories, friends and friends’ friends will be very much attracted to be attached with the product or service.

Infographic Investment

By investing on infographic, the business can be taken to the next levels. When you go for a general article that creates interest in customers and business owners, there will be a number of people to share the creative information. Thus, there will be great publicity and the end result will be the greatest enhancement of your business.

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