How to Publish a Blog Post Perfectly

With millions of blogs out there, getting some organic visitors largely depends on the quality of articles that you put up in your blog. Quality does not only mean unique content or an article based on your thoughts. The quality of an article depends on how well written your article is and how useful it is for the readers. If you regularly put up such quality content in your blog, people will love your blog and will hesitantly wait for your future blog posts.

Sadly nowadays people refer to blogging as only a way to earn money. So for that, most of the bloggers simply copies other’s work or rather re-write it. If you’re one among these bloggers, don’t ask me why you are not a successful blogger yet !

Or else, if you are a blogger who is dedicated towards blogging, and is struggling to provide quality content to the readers but yet cannot achieve success, then probably this article is solely for you !

In this article, we will be discussing 5 things that every blogger should follow while writing a blog post !

1. Find a Hot Title for your post :

post tittle and structure

Choosing the title of your blog post is the first and the most important factor determining the success rate of a blog post. Always choose titles that are viral and trending and can gain good response.

If you’re running a blog of Smartphone reviews, review latest Smartphones as early as possible. For example, reviewing a Smartphone on the release day and reviewing the same Smartphone 3 weeks after will makes a significant difference in the views that your post gets.

2. Do Some Research on The Title :

Doing research before sitting down to write an article is very important. As a devoted blogger, you cannot write down false information in your blog posts. We all are humans and tends to make mistakes.

So it’s always good to do a research on the title you chose and make sure that the information and knowledge you have on the topic is true and updated.

If you are posting an article based on tutorials, then you can also do research to check whether the process you know is true and write about the easiest and most convenient method for your readers.

3. Do Keyword Research Related to Your Post:


Once you have chosen a title and have finished researching, use some keyword research tools to find popular keywords related to your title. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords related to your posts.

For example, if you’re writing an article about rooting a particular phone, go to the Google Keyword Planner and type in “Root+Name of the phone”. Once you have entered, you can see a list of popular and user searched keywords that can be added to your posts.

Always choose keywords that has both most local as well as global searches with low competition. Choosing such keywords can help your article to rank higher in related search results.

Remember, using proper keywords in the permalink, title and post body will positively affect your blog and will increase your blog’s organic traffic to !

4. Interlink Your Articles :

internal links

After writing down your article, interlinking them with related articles in your blog itself boosts views to your older articles and also helps in getting higher PR for your earlier articles. Interlinking is a good SEO tactic and should be followed by every blogger to increase views and PR.

However, there are few things to check while interlinking your articles, like :

  • Link your articles for related keywords and not for words like “Click Here”.
  • Don’t interlink your articles with No-Follow tags. As we want the PR juice to pass by interlinking and No-Follow tags does not pass page rank juice.
  • Everything has a limit, so does interlinking. Linking 5-6 previous articles are always recommended.
  • Always interlink articles related to the same topic. As you can flow organic readers through all your related posts.
  • Always while linking an article in your post, force those pages to open in a new tab.

5. Proofread :

As I said earlier, we all are humans [really?] and we tend to make some mistakes [daily]. In a blog post, the most common mistakes happen in the spelling and grammar section.

No one would like to read an article, that lacks proper grammar and spellings. Presentation is the real deal, you should always try to understand your loyal readers and try to optimize your writing styles for them.

So, proofreading is the most important thing to follow before publishing your blog post. It not only helps in finding grammar and spelling errors but also helps in re-evaluating the points you mentioned and clear mistakes.

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