VPN for Live Lounge (6 Best Free)

Selecting a good vpn for live lounge is something that you need to consider in terms of your data privacy while streaming video content.

VPN stands for Virtually Private Network. Mostly this concept is used to protect the identity of the users of the internet.

So that one privacy site is called as a server. It can secure your sensitive online surfing data.

As a result, the use of personal VPNs among people has become more popular due to the various benefits it offers to the user.

  • You can easily hide your IP address
  • Changing your IP address to another is so simple
  • Moreover, it will protect your location of browsing

So when it comes to Live lounge, the Use of a personal VPN allows you to hide your identity and your location when you stream your free tv channels.

Therefore, your browsing data is protected with this concept.

So let’s have a look at what are the best vpn for iptv that have been tested for this app.

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1. Windscribe VPN 

VPN has both Free and Premium subscription plans. as a result this application has a user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate the features in few seconds simply.

This VPN server has a wide variety of location base. As a result, you can choose an IP address in different locations like USA, UK, Canada, and so on.

Windscribe does not store your IP logs, site visits, and browsing history.

Winscribe is one of the best free vpn for firestick 2019 where the app has been tested along with live lounge and it works smoothly when you stream live tv online

2. Hotspot Shield VPN for the app

Hotspot Shield VPN service is a newly introduced service with lots of new features because the data usage allowed in Its Free bundle is far more ahead than other VPN servers.

Further, you can pick your location in 25 different locations all around the world through this VPN.

Moreover, User has easy access to this application via PC, Android, IOS, etc..

Hostspot shield VPN is also known to be one of the best vpn for firestick free.

3. TunnelBear

In truth, tunnel bear had quite a confusing user interface in past. However, after the MacAfee’s acquisition of this VPN service, it has developed its user interface and user experience.

As a result, its free plan allows users a 500Mb data bundle with premium access.

So nowadays Tunnel Bear known to be one of the free vpn for android

4. Speedify

The name itself tells you the story behind this VPN network because, this is one of the fastest ways to browse the internet privately for free.

Speedify is popular as a best free unlimited vpn for android

5. Proton VPN for the apk

This VPN is somewhat an established VPN network because it has a range of users worldwide. One of the most critical features in this service is that it does not put any bandwidth limitations on the user.

 So, you can enjoy unlimited private browsing with this VPN.

6. Hide.me

Hide.me VPN servers also do not store any internet browsing logs. Further, most interestingly, it does not throttle your internet speed even if you are using a free subscription plan.

 The downside of this VPN service is that it allows you to use their application only in a single device. So you cannot use this network in multiple devices. 

Why does above VPN for the app stands out from others?

In conclusion, you can use one of the above-mentioned free VPN for live lounge IPTV service or any other premium VPN network on Firstick/ Firetv, Android or PC.

Download Live Lounge 8.1.0

What you need to make sure is that it will protect your data privacy and will allow you different options like location changing, Browsing internet speed, and ease of Use.