Unlinked APP: Download Updated Version (LATEST)

Unlinked APK is a premium app store platform that acts as an alternative to Google Play Store.

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Because, this app distribution platform has millions of android apps that are available on the Play Store and other apps.

The main advantage is that you can have access to various Android apps from a one-stop that are not available in the official app store.

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Unlinked App System Compatibility Requirements

The Unlinked App store is compatible with Android smartphones, Android tv,  tv box, smart tv, and so on.

If your device runs an Android OS on it, you can definitely download and install the Unlinked App on your device.

Many people find that it is convenient to download android apps because you can have them all at your fingertip.

However, the app requires your OS to be later than 4.1 or above.

Otherwise, you will not be able to download and install Unlinked APK on your android device.

So it is always better to upgrade your Android OS to its latest version to enjoy all the latest features and benefits.

When it comes to the size of the Unlinked App, it takes only a negligible amount of your device space on your device.

Further, most of the apps and files hosted on the Unlinked App Store Platform are verified, and therefore the security is not a concern.

As a result, it allows you to download all your favorite apps without worrying about the other technical requirements.

How to Troubleshoot Common Unlinked App Issues?

Many people forget to enable the “Unknown sources” from their android settings before they install APK files like Unlinked.

So if you have not enabled this option in your device, you can go to the settings tab on your android home screen and then head over to the “Securities” option.

There you can find an option to enable this “Unknown sources” option.

Also, if the app does not work properly, for example, it does not show the stores inside it when you search by the store codes, you can update it to the latest version.

You can download the Unlinked APK latest updates from this page as well.

If the auto app updated feature does not work, please remove the existing installed app and do a fresh installation.

That solves matters almost all the time.

Unlinked Changelog

Updated Version

  • Fixed crash reports
  • Added new features