Free Sms: The Best Way To Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones

The way of communication between each other keeps on changing. Earlier we had to rely on letters, fax, and telephone. But with the boom in technology things have changed a lot. Now we need speedy means of communication. We prefer emails, instant messenger as a mode of communication. Due to the massive use of mobiles […]

Top 3 Creative Android and iPhone Apps

If you are a creative person that wants to get the most out of your smart phone, you’ll enjoy these top creative Android apps. There are tons of apps which allow you to indulge your creative side on android, but the following apps stand out from the crowd due to their ease of use, fun-factor […]

How to make your readers say “Utterly Butterly Delicious”

What’s your favorite platter? Imagine if someone asks this question to one of your readers Would you expect him to say that his favorite dish is I mean, would you expect him to say your blog’s name when he is asked about his favorite dish I am not mad; you can actually make your […]

How to Publish a Blog Post Perfectly

With millions of blogs out there, getting some organic visitors largely depends on the quality of articles that you put up in your blog. Quality does not only mean unique content or an article based on your thoughts. The quality of an article depends on how well written your article is and how useful it […]

Social Media Marketing strategies that really Work

The prominence of social media is ever growing in building relationships and the potential to promote business has been realized by both small and large business units. In this scenario, it is very important to figure out the right kind of social media strategy and it should be implemented in an effective manner. It is […]

Blend Music and Running with Marx Runner

Run tracker or Music Maker? Yes! Runners who are looking for a new way to motivate themselves might want to give Marx Runner for the iPhone a try the next time they go out for a run.  Marx Runner is an interesting idea that I’m not sure if it would work for serious runners who […]

Budget Envelopes Rocks Your Budget!

Here’s a little personal back story on my experience with the app Budget Envelopes.   In the last month my wife and I have embarked on a debt reduction journey with the help of Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” classes.  In the classes Dave teaches you a process by which you can slowly begin to […]

All About InDesign’s Publishing Tools

There are many different things that one must learn when getting into the publishing industry. Misregistration is when gaps or misaligned publication elements occur during printing. Misregistration occurs when knock out printing is the method used. Knock out printing basically means that you print all publication elements without overlap of any of the elements contained […]

10 Things you Must Know Before Upgrading Firmware of Android Devices

With every new Android firmware releases, Google fixes known bugs, adds enhanced stability, and introduces some new features. Hence its obvious that Android users will want to get their devices upgraded to the latest available firmware as soon as they become available. There is nothing wrong in doing things hurry, but you should at least […]